An advanced RegTech company that provides Japan's largest risk information database on a Saas platform
Compliance check for all.
Promote KYC's social infrastructure and realize sound economic transactions.

Our Business Domain

As an advanced information management and Reg Tech solution company to serve for the upcoming information distribution society, we provide consulting services based on the rich experience and know-how by our team of risk management experts, in addition to finding data and curation services utilizing alternative data extracted by our own AI technology.
We are the cutting-edge Reg Tech company with the banner of "performing the top level of KYC in Japan" with the mission of "making KYC a social infrastructure" and "giving Value to Nothing" by shedding lights on information that had no value up until now.

*Our company was nominated for the Reg Tech category of FINTECH SUMMIT 2021 in Japan, sponsored by the Financial Services Agency and Nikkei Shimbun.

Data finding

KYC Solution

Find and provide only the information that users need

Business Domain - Data finding

Data curation

PCS Solution

Collect and score multifaceted information about the object person

Business Domain - Data curation

Data connected

PDT solution

Providing solutions that create new value by linking information behind various services

Business Domain - Data connected

About us

Company name : KYC Consulting Corporation
Headquarters : Kioicho Hills Nishi-kan 1F, 3-32, Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0094
Founded in October 2018
CEO : Naomasa Tobinai
Business details : Providing corporate risk database, consulting on KYC / AML
Shareholders :

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